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May 2, 2008: This label died a long time ago and I removed the mp3s out of some weird spite thing, but that was quite a bit childish, so they're back now. Please enjoy! (And download while you still can, right?)


June 27, 2006: Now you can buy cool stuff online at our Buy stuff page. The orders will be shipped to you personally by Chris Vlasses from Cola Wars, heard on 93.1 XRT's "local anesthetic" tonight!


May 31, 2006: They changed the show space on us today...the release party is now one block away at Eckhart Quad, 58th and University Avenue, 5 pm on Friday. See you all there!


May 23, 2006: I posted new, higher-quality mp3s to the site. Your ears will thank me. Unlike the older mp3s, these were encoded directly from the masters for each comp, and they're encoded in a better and more uniform fashion. Also, mp3s for the first 5 comps are now available (before, I only had oo2 and oo3 up here).

Enjoy! And please come to the Mr. Hyde 006 release party:

Friday, June 2, 2006
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Eckhart Quad (outside! bring a blanket)
58th and University
All ages!

11 bands from the comp will be playing:
Cola Wars. First Coat. The Flying Fishes. The Goddamn Shame. Mel Gonzalez. Lixian Hantover and Loren Wilson. The Modern Temper. The Passerines. The Plastic Faces. Robert Voyer. Unled Tit.

Mr. Hyde oo6 will be available for $2 at the release party.
Rain Location to be determined.


May 16, 2006: We're releasing our new compilation, Mr. Hyde 006 - Jackson Park Express on June 2, 2006. There will be a huge release party outside at 57th and University Avenue that evening, so bring a blanket to sit on while you listen to 11 of the bands from the comp play live. Copies of the comp will be available for $2 at the show. We're really looking forward to this!

If you like immediate gratification, you can download the whole comp online by getting the secret username and password off the bottom of the release party fliers, which will be all over Hyde Park in a couple of days. Click here and use the username and password to access the songs.


May 15, 2006: New site design, do you like it?


April 20, 2005: We finished our fifth compilation, “hyde five,” on April 20, 2005. It features 19 bands and is packaged in white folded cardstock; each copy comes with a unique set of fingerprints in one of six colors, handwritten notes on front and back, and one of 18 different color photographs with a tracklist printed on the back. The comp is available via Paypal for $5, or in person at shows for $3. Soon, they'll be available at Hyde Park Records, Tower Records, Dr. Wax, and other fine Chicago establishments. We sold 42 on the first day, so I imagine they're going to go pretty quickly. This release is limited to 300 hand-numbered (and signed) copies.

Our fourth compilation, “twenty-two to tango,” was released on June 1, 2004. There are 300 handmade copies in a beautiful red and black tracing paper package. (There are about 100 left if you're interested, available at shows for $3 or via Paypal for $5.)

All 500 copies of our third compilation "going all the way" are gone. If you weren't lucky enough to get a copy, you can download the whole thing from our going all the way page.


January, 2004: We have just released our third compilation: going all the way. We will distribute this compilation for free all over Chicago. It features the newest and best tracks by the Hyde Park bands who have been playing on the north side lately...nine bands in total. A real knockout punch.


May 13, 2003: We've spent the last several days in a masochistic relay race trying to finish our new compilation of Hyde Park music, and the results are nothing less than spectacular. Take a look and a listen at Second Base: Hyde Park Chicago 2003, released May 2003...countless pictures coming soon.

We have released our new compilation in conjunction with the University of Chicago Festival of the Arts, so much thanks to them for financial and moral support. We only made 200, and they're almost gone! Hooray for hyde park rock!