01-The Passerines - Young.mp3
02-Robert Voyer - Technicolor Reveries.mp3
03-The Goddamn Shame - By Any Other Name.mp3
04-Lixian Hantover - Rachel's New Apartment.mp3
05-Cola Wars - Apartment M.mp3
06-First Coat - Helicopter.mp3
07-Mel Gonzalez - Fishpond.mp3
08-Unled Tit - Crumbs.mp3
09-Plastic Faces - Butterfly.mp3
10-The Modern Temper - Send Help.mp3
11-The Flying Fishes - Long Airborne Trip.mp3
12-Sallah - The Poison You Just Drank.mp3
13-Acid Forklift - Boy Scout Jackoff.mp3
14-Hymn - Birth.mp3
15-Deirdre Kelly - Come With Me.mp3